im lauren and im going to be a journalist. ps i dont think i understand tumblr yet.
im a disney pwincess me

im a disney pwincess me

you want some T fool?

you want some T fool?

why is everything so funny today

why is everything so funny today

RIGHT. Gave up any option of ignoring tumblr & writing a website based blog. Im weak as fuck OKKKK?!

SEX & THE SINGLE GAL [proper copied cosmo there like]

First off I’d like to say thanks to all the people who’ve commented on my posts. Its actually  crazy to think that anyone except the people I know have read this stuff. So yeah, thanks :)

I know, I know, I’ve been away a loooong time.. AGAIN. But I’ve been super duper busy with college. Media is hard! Also, I’ve had a go at making YouTube videos :D( ) .

I’m gonna do a post on relationships. I’ve just watched the second episode of BBC3′s Tool Academy, (Its occurred to me that yous must think that all I do is watch TV, as I’ve mentioned shows about 6576879868 times on here. That’s not true!.. i also play on the PlayStation 8-)) and its came to mind that as a species, we put up with so much crap from our other halves just to keep them happy/keep them with us. I for one thinks its very sad. Not in a OMIGODDD YOU’RE SO SAD *dirty look*.. i mean in a OMIGAWD girls and boys please stop it. Stop it now!

I’m single, (surprised, right?) and i actually love it. Despite the emotional breakdowns i have at least once a month, covered in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and singing Celine Dion – All By Myself.. nah i’m joking.. a bit. I love not having to care about how my other half is reacting to what I’m doing. If i want to go out, i can. If i want to flirt, I can. God, if i want to cover myself in jam and throw myself into a mosh pit, I’m guna do it, RIGHT?! And i genuinely love it. Sure, I wouldn’t mind having someone to snuggle up to, go out with, or do.. OTHER relationshippy stuff with.. winky wink, but in my opinion relationships are just too much stress for too little.

Don’t get me wrong, im sure their is PLENTY of couples out there who are just blissfully happy and love their other halves smelly farts, or their toenail clippings on the armchair, but ATM its not for me. For one, i am faaaaaaaaar too jealous. And don’t think I’m proud of it, its a massive pain in the bum to be frank, and no matter how much i try the ‘ee well a don’t evin care aniwaizzzzzz‘ attitude, it doesn’t work. Also, i get bored easily. Very easily. If theirs not something dramatic going on in my relationship, i have a yawn and get the urge to move on. I’m also very high maintenance. God sake, don’t i just seem like the person you wanna spend the rest of your life with or what?

Oh god, also, since I mentioned facebook in my last post, (.. or was it the post before that.. god I’ve been away a long time) I thought it was only right I mention how freekin’ sexist these stupid pages are.

Small selection:

. When a girl cries for a guy, it means she really misses him. But when a guy cries for a girl, it means no one can love that girl more than him!!!

. Guys Have No Clue How Many Things Can Upset A Girl.

. Boyfreinds who DONT text other girls really do love you!<3

like what the hell? I hate that people assume girls are weaker and more emotional than boys. I admit that i can sometimes be an over emotional bag of crying mess, but its not because I’m a girl at all. Its because I’m human. And i know plenty of boys that cry more than any girl I know. Also, the last one is just stupid. Tempted to make one ‘girls who think that their boyfriend really loves them because they don’t text other girls need ran over with a lorry. Relationships are about trust, and if you cant trust your other half to text other girls/guys then you either have a dickhead other half or you’re an utter LOONY TUNE. Wow I’m aggressive tonight.
So, in conclusion to this; I’m very happy with the way things are atm, but if a boy i liked did come along, its not to say I would send him packing. Especially if this boy came in the shape of Aston Merrygold or Russell Howard. One or the other though, I’m thinking a mix of the two would be rather horrible. What i mean to say is that i am not a total relationship cynicalist. Despite what this blog suggests anyway.
Ciao for now, lauren (:


I am very aware that this has been tackled by many bloggers in the past =< but I want a go.

I actually am sometimes one of the stereotypical facebookers that use it to look up exes or spy on people, (jeeeeeeez i sound creepy) but surely that’s normal? The information’s right there.. everybody gives into temptation sometimes.. unless the temptation is taken away by the dreaded BLOCKED PROFILE!!!!!!!!!!.. damn you Mark Zuckerberg..

Another reason I use it?

I AM A SERIAL STATUSER. I would guess it would get pretty annoying actually. Crap, didn’t think about that 8-). owell.

Yes, so I’m a serial statuser. Its not OTT or anything. Nothing like that at all. ‘eyetwitch‘.

I think it probably has something to do with me being increeedddiiiibbbbllyyy gobby. Who am I kidding ‘has something to do with‘. That its everything to do with why I do it. I like to make myself heard, which is good, its expressing yourself :)hehehehe excuses.

I also upload too many pictures. Well not at the moment. The cable fairy stole my, well, cable. ATM I have 14 albums filled with about bazillion pictures each. Including a really fabulous folder called ‘remember that time‘, which contains pictures from face-in-hole such as my best friends face on Gollums body (I assure you, it’s hilarious) and a picture of Aston Merrygold with my face inserted and me having drinks in a bar. Serious business. And remember Piczo? I broke into my old account and wacked all the pictures of me and my friends being generally as hard as Rocky Balboa. Cough.

HMMMMMMMMMMM whatelsedoidoonfacebook.

check out boys look at my boyfriend profile.. .. .. .. :) .

Oh god. I think that’s it :| . I’m on facebook for hours every single solitary DAY and that’s all I do. Freekin hell.

My one complaint? Kids on facebook. My brother has it. And most of his statuses are along the line of ‘Hi‘ or simply ‘fghjfkcvgh‘. Needless to say, I won’t accept his recurring friend request. 15, maaaaaaybe 14 at a stretch year olds could get away with being on facebook without annoying the eyebrows off most people. Anyone below that? Stick to bebo. plzthnx.

OH GOD I thought of another one. Stupid statuses. Yes I do realise I’m a self-confessed status-a-holic but COME ON! We don’t care if  ‘Stephanie Smith: LUVZ RYAN SOO MUCH <3 <3 <3′ or if ‘Hugh Brown: is havin’ his tea‘. At least I put effort into mine >:(

Even so, I love facebook. And (apart from ‘do my wicked piczo website’) I seriously can’t think of what else I would do in my free if it didn’t exist (Bloody hell. I need a hobby. And a gym membership..). Thank you Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovit & Mark Zuckerburg. Thank you for wasting my life on something as fabulous as facebook. Expect a large fruit basket any time now.

ciao for now,

lauren :)